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RE: Crumple zones

Tom, most of the stuff you need to replace is the stuff that got
upgraded in the B3 to B4 upgrade. Perfect opportunity to make your 80
look like a B4! Could there be some B4 Type 89 wrecks with good noses in
the local junkyards? Have you considered using Sanborn, the British
dismantlers? HTH, and good luck.
-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Tom Nas [SMTP:tnas@euronet.nl]
	Subject:	Crumple zones

	Hi all,

	After my Audi met with its Waterloo yesterday morning, my friend
the VAG
	mechanic helped me take the front end apart yesterday. His
remark: 'you're
	the luckiest guy around'. However horrendous the damage looks,
	damage has been limited to a bent water pump and destroyed
radiator. The
	radiator was pushed against, but not into, the distribution
cover. No
	-repeat no- structural bits have been bent, and everything that
has been
	wrecked is bolted on and therefore easily replaceable. So far,
the new
	parts count is:

	-Striker plate, latch mechanism
	-Headlight frame
	-one turn signal
	-radiator support beam
	-grill/Audi badge
	-metal strip under grill
	-front license plate and plate holder