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Break & Enter, damage and dealing with the insurance clowns

Hi all,

I guess audi coupes just look too good to a thief....
My 90 CQ 20V was busted into a couple of weeks ago by some jerk who
the driver's window down into the door ( I used to leave the window open
1/2" to keep 
it from being stuffy in the morning - I guess that he / she pried it
down ). Apart from 
the theft of a few personal items, the major concern was the damage.
Everything in 
the door (glass, window motor, locks) was trashed and some paint damage
was done.

Up until today, everything has been going smoothly with the claim.
Stolen items are 
being replaced, the side of the car was repainted, and the insides of
the door were 
repaired/replaced. The nagging problem is wind noise from the window
area at 
highway speeds - the dealer has taken a look at it and believes that its
probably the
door seal, but that it (likely) isn't a result of the vandalism. He's
willing to keep looking 
though - BUT he's talked to the insurance company and they think that if
I want it looked
into,  that I should agree to pay for all the work UNLESS it can be
PROVEN that the 
damage was caused by the forced entry.

My point is that the noise wasn't there before and therefore must be
from the incident.  
Also, I have the feeling that if I tentatively agree to pay for any of
the investigation that
I'm doomed. Is it really my job to prove that the damage wasn't there

How do I deal with these morons?!

Any advice? Anyone? HELP!!!

-- Ian Robertson (iroberts@rim.net)
-- 90 CQ20V Pearl / Navy leather. (in the shop - <sigh>)