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I'm back + laser ruling

Hello happy listers,

I'm back online and with a new ISP and e-address, after a move from
Hell-I don't think I'll be moving again for a LONG TIME, if I can help
it.  On a cool note, one of my new neighbors owns a '87 4kcsq and it's
in beautiful condition.  He saw my 90q and after talking a bit, his
initial feelings about selling it were gone and he's hanging on to it,
after a mechanic I recommended, works on the clutch.  I also told him
about the list, but he doesn't have internet access, so if he needs
advise, I'll write on his behalf.
	On to my next subject, while reading through the digests I'm so happily
receiving again, I came upon the subject of the laser guns and their
defeat in court.  I'll give a quick reminder that I am and have been a
police officer for eight years in New Jersey.  This may not make some of
you happy, but you should be prepared.  The laser was defeated in, of
course, New Jersey, and importantly at the county level.  New Jersey
judges are for the most part, liberal, and if this case was to go on to
the N.J. supreme court, I would predict that it would stay as ruled. 
This is good for all the New Jersey drivers who have laser tickets,
because there's a real good possibility that your ticket will be dropped
at best or bargained out, at worst tried on the officers observations. 
Non-New Jersey drivers, however, should beware and not get your hopes up
too high.  Use this case to point your (self or lawyer) to a POSSIBLE
way out.  Here's an example of how the judges in New Jersey protect the
population from the police.  I believe, N.J. is the only state which
REQUIRES the police to apply for and obtain a search warrant to take and
search an individuals garbage.  Therefore, if anyone living outside the
borders of N.J. thought your garbage was safe to throw anything into,
it's really not.  Anyway, just a short example.  	For anyone with a
laser or any point ticket, my advise is if you can't beat it, try plea
bargaining or go to trial.  You are rolling the dice with a trial but
try to talk to the officer to determine how knowledgable they are, some
are not good on the stand.
	Well, it's great to  be back.  If anyone has questions or comments,
e-mail me personally.  

Steve Adams
88 90q
Beach Haven, N.J.---Yeah!