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Re; Break & Enter, damage and dealing with the insurance cl

Ian Robertson <iroberts@rim.net> said in part:

     My 90 CQ 20V was busted into a couple of weeks ago by some jerk 
     who forced the driver's window down into the door.... The nagging 
     problem is wind noise from the window area at highway speeds - 
     the dealer has taken a look at it and believes that its
     probably the door seal, but that it (likely) isn't a result of 
     the vandalism. 
     My point is that the noise wasn't there before and therefore must 
     be from the incident. 

I just checked the TSBs for 1988 90s, where I thought there was some 
mention of wind noise vs window alignment, but couldn't find it.  But 
I've seen it somewhere, maybe the Bentley.  I think the window frame 
is separate from the door frame, and can possible be adjusted.  Did 
the dealer, perchance, also realign the door, i.e., remove it to do 
the work?  A door misalignment could also cause the problem.

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