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Re: speeding and Whistler 1490

Yeah Albert, I had one until it got stolen out of my 86 5kt. 
Mine had the green background display, which i prefer over the one 
with the red glowing numbers and graph. I used it here in Detroit and
in my mums Passat 16V in Austria (which is a No-No). It saved my butt
once in Croatia, on the Magistrala, a curvy road similar to te one
showed in the BMW Z3 commercial. I was coming arround a right turn with
approx. 130 km/h ( 80 mph ),and huge rocks to my right, when suddenly my
X-Band went crazy (limit was 60 km/h). After I was out of the turn with
about 70, I saw a stretch in front of me with no, at that time, speed
enforcment gentlemen in my sight. I decided to coast at that speed till
the signal would disappear. After half of a kilometer down the road I
noticed a bus stop sign on my (right) side of the street. I was not able
to look inside of the stop, since my sight was blocked by the cliffs on
the right. Turns out that when I passed the area, there was a p-car
parked in it. Man was I lucky !!! On stretches like those I am usually
way over 170 (~105 mph) overtaking others. HEHEHEH...
If they would have caught me, I wouldn't be driving now. I still didn't
figure out how the RD could have picked up the signal. There were no
walls or cliffs to my left (since they were always on the right,
travelling north on the Magistrala) of which the signal could have
reflected of ... only wide open sea !!! 
Well, so much to the sensetivity of that thing.
 I paid over $ 220, so I guess it is a good deal. I hope that my 
experience with this little incident will help You with your decision.   
       				GOOD LUCK !!!
					86 5Kt , 85 4KSQ , 84 Rabbit 16V
P.S.: BTW, the cord will wear out and turn off the RD. Call the 1-800#
	supplied in the papers with the unit. They will send You a new 	
	one for free !!!