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RE: Steering Rack, 4k, CGT question

Jonathan Monetti wrote:

	>I have a bad tire and wheel situation (unmatched, and bent,
	>but my steering inconsistancies are even there at *very* slow
speeds, and
	>there is play and an occasional clunk. 

	>I had my trusty girlfriend (VAG tool # GF:33-22-32) 

Gonna go to the dealer and order one for myself, too :-)

	>toss the steering back
	>and forth while I inspected, and there is a light clunk and a
little play
	>at the rack.  

	>Normal?  Not?  Any opinions or experience?

With the engine off it is OK for the rack to cause clunk ( even very
loud ). After starting the engine it should quiet down. If it is not the
case, and you can still notice clunk and free play at rack, it can be
adjusted by tightening the nut on the top of the steering gear cover.
Just do not tighten it too much. My Haynes manual says to tighten it
approx. 20 deegres, then check if the steering still self-centres and if
it is not too stiff. 

	>I have an 85 parts car and can take that rack out to be rebuilt
so as not
	>to have mine out of the car for that long.   Just wondering if
this is a
	>worthwhile pursuit of time and $$.

The rack is usually very durable unit ( not counting our lovely Pentosin
stuff in 5Ks ) and seldom requires even adjustment.