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200 TQ Driveline

I finally got under my car (1990 200 TQ) last night to look for the source of a 
slight driveline noise (clink or clunk) while shifting.  I've suspected the 
U-joint, but haven't had time to check it until now. I was very surprised to 
find that the U-joint has a zerk fitting which I have never greased.  Anyway, 
after greasing, the noise is gone.  I suspect the U-joint is probably damaged 
since it hasn't been greased regularly, but at least it's quiet for now.  

I remember asking the dealer if there were any zerks on the car when I bought it 
in 1990 and was told that there weren't.  I've also looked through the Bentley 
and can't find any reference to zerks or routine driveline maintenance. As far 
as I know, the driveline has never been replaced, unless the dealer did it 
during routine warranty service during the first three years and didn't tell me 
and didn't list it on the invoice. Anyway, has anyone else seen this or do all 
Audi Quattro driveline U-joints have zerks and I've just been blindly ignoring 
it for seven years? I've never heard anyone in the group talk about this before. 

Fred L. DeRoos