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1987 5kcdq acting very strange

Fellow Audi fanatics,
	about a week ago, my Audi started acting very strange.  I noticed that the 
gas consumption increased greatly, a trip that uses about 2.0l of fuel now 
uses about 3.2-3.5l.  When I'm on the highway and reach about 1.2 bar boost 
pressure, the car hesitates and a cloud of black smoke comes out of the 
tailpipe.  When the car is idling I no longer hear the famous Audi buzzing 
	Yesterday I started checking the car, I had it idling in the driveway and I 
removed the oil cap from the valve cover and the engine did not stall (it is 
the MC engine with the QLCC chip in it).
	Today I will remove the air box and check the air filter and the plunger on 
the fuel distributer.
	I am completely baffled, any help would be greatly appreciated.

	Thanks, Stefan Bendevis, Audiman1@msn.com
1987 5000 CD Quattro (now a powerless gas guzzler)
1997 Toyota Corolla SD (no problems yet)