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RE: Re; Break & Enter, damage and dealing with the insurance cl

Unfortunately, the CQ has a frameless window. There are about 207
adjustments to get everything lined up (right, Chris?). The door must be
aligned with the rest of the body, the window must be aligned with the
door, and with the gasketing on top. It takes either a helper or seven
hands to do it right. Good luck.
-Ian Duff.
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	Ian Robertson <iroberts@rim.net> said in part:

	     My 90 CQ 20V was busted into a couple of weeks ago by some
	     who forced the driver's window down into the door.... The
	     problem is wind noise from the window area at highway
speeds - 
	     the dealer has taken a look at it and believes that its
	     probably the door seal, but that it (likely) isn't a result
	     the vandalism. 
	     My point is that the noise wasn't there before and
therefore must 
	     be from the incident. 

	I just checked the TSBs for 1988 90s, where I thought there was
	mention of wind noise vs window alignment, but couldn't find it.
	I've seen it somewhere, maybe the Bentley.  I think the window
	is separate from the door frame, and can possible be adjusted.
	the dealer, perchance, also realign the door, i.e., remove it to
	the work?  A door misalignment could also cause the problem.

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