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RE: Multisession errors

On Wednesday, July 30, 1997 9:41 AM, Leapin' Logos [SMTP:marks@intergate.bc.ca] 
> Hi Ali,
> I really haven't heard anything on the problem as of yet,
> only that one other user seems to think it is the AMOUNT of files
> that are contained in the FIRST session already on the cd-r.  It
> seems that the Adaptec software may have a bug....
> I'll let you know more as I find out.
> Mark

Well, the CD-R that I was trying to add a session to does have quite
a few files on it, about 2000 files taking up 234MB of space. I tried
a test and made a CD-R with the first session having only a couple
hundred files in it, and I was able to add another session without
a problem. I wonder if the bug only affects the first session, or will
it also crop up if I add a second or third session which has a few
thousand files on it also (assuming the first session only had a couple
hundred). If the bug only affects the first session, then I guess there
is a simple workaround (just don;t make a large first session), but if
it affects all sessions then the problem runs much deeper. It would
seem that Adaptec would have to fix this bug because multisession burning
is a pretty important and relatively basic feature of the Easy CD Pro 95

I truly hope that Adaptec isn't going to let this bug go unfixed simply
because they have a fabulous new flagship CD-R product.

Anyone from Adaptec care to comment.

Besides this flaw, though, I have been pleased with everything else that
the Easy CD Pro 95 software does. I haven't had one coaster, yet. Audio
CD burning has been working perfectly for me.

Oh yeah, I'm using Easy CD Pro 95 2.11 (020), if that helps.