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Audi parts fiche (some VW content - very minor)

I have been cleaning up at the dealership and I've kept some parts fiche
around after the updates have come in and still today get fiche even though
we acquired ETKA (CD-ROM based parts catalogue) some time ago.  Now, if
someone is interested, here are some of the ones I've kept (note:German
fiche - not necessarily include US/Canada specific parts)

model				model yr.	VIN	edition
Audi RS2 quattro 		mod.94- 	(R-T)	1-95
Audi quattro/Sport quattro	mod 80-91	(A-M)	1-91
Audi A8 quattro			mod 94-		(R-V)	2-96
Audi S6 Plus quattro		mod 97-		(V)	2-96
Audi A6/S6/Avant quattro	mod 97-		(V)	2-96
Golf syncro, Rallye Golf, Country	mod 86-91	(G-M)	1-93

All the fiche have been superceded by new ones (once or more), but may be
of use to someone... the usual result is that the part number suffix may
have changed form A to B to C etc.   I may have more...

The supply is not endless, please e-mail me if you are in need - I will use
dictatorial illusionary democracy in deciding who gets what if they are in
demand.  If someone has Porsche fiche - I'm looking for 911 fiche - please
consider some trades.

All disclaimers apply, I probably shouldn't be doing this - the dealer
sales and service contract doesn't specifically prohibit it though...   :-)

Jouko Haapanen