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Re: Audi Magazine

WARNING!  Extremely limited Audi content.  Delete now if you wish.

Gheesh.  :-(  New age dog trainers.  :-(  

My dogs get in the car (or truck) when I tell them to.  They stay outa my
face while in the car.  They ride quietly and behave themselves while in
the car.  They eat their meals in their normal place - my kitchen.  They
don't need no stinkin' coke can full of water.  They didn't learn to behave
themselves by use of brutality or new age trickery.  They simply, matter of
fact, accept the fact that I'm the alpha dog, that my wife is the alpha
female, and what dad and mom say goes.  Period.

This is an Audi publication?  Oh, my.  I can't wait to learn all about

At 02:19 PM 7/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>(I'm sure there is already a thread on this....but  digest subscribers
>such as myself are always the last to know....)
>If you haven't gotten the "surprise"  in your mailbox, you will.  Say
>hello to Audi Magazine.   Who is the target audience for the publication?
>  Audi owners?  Performance enthusiasts?  Stealth bomber pilots?
>Well, I have the mag in front of me and I'm still not sure.  For those of
>you who haven't a copy yet, allow me to quote from page 61:
>"Driving with a Dog, Problem 1:  The dog who won't get in the car.  
> Don't feed her for two or three days.  Then give her her favorite food
>for a few 
> days- but only in the car......."
>"Problem 2: The dog who tries to climb on the driver's lap.....
> Take a coke can filled with water.  When the dog tries to climb on your
>lap, spray the  water in his face...."
>There looks like there is also a really good article on asparagus (page
>46) but I haven't read that one yet (can't wait!!!).
>Happy reading!
>96 A4q
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