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Tailight assy woes

Hey gang!

Tried to remove my rear tailight assembly last night (the one on the
trunk) and I had a bugger of a time getting it off!  I took out the two
nuts (and washers) on both sides of it and removed the bulbs.  I also
have my trunk luck in my tailight assembly so I had to losten those nuts
as well and dissatach it.  

Now what???  It seems like that's it.  Or is there something I'm
missing.  There's a bunch of this gasket-like black goop in there
holding it on as well and that stuff seals it up pretty good.  I was
prying pretty darn hard and not making much progress.  Any advice on how
to loosten this stuff?  

And, just wanted to make sure there is nothing else bolted down there
because I don't want to break that expensive plastic tailight assembly
just to put on my license plate.  Any help appreciated.  

'87 5ktq....for sale