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Re: '93 90Q repair manual

Paul Dansereau wrote:

> i also own a 93 90q and would like that number for dyment if you have a
> spare moment and could mail it to me i would be in your debt forever.
> thanks.  Paul.

Bonjour Paul

Dyment # 1-800-544-8021
part # W42 552 193 000 C  Audi 90 repair manual-consumer	$149.5 + 5 (US)

I read they were asking $400+  US from other lister. Maybe the
professional (ie not consumer manual). But i have their invoice. Argue
about being referred to them by Audi Canada, maybe. Don't forget to
specify Air Parcel Post (US mail): charges are way high from Fed-Ex/UPS.
 I could fax you some pages if you want to sample before buying
(unfortunately, I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow  (Thursday 31) until
the 18.


Yves Bordeleau
Montréal PQ