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Re: Not so bright lights

At 12:14 AM 4/1/97 -0500, john graham wrote:
>> What do the xenon bulbs cost? Are they generally available?
>There 80/55 watt lamps. I got them for $9.oo each.

Might be interesting for the color change :) I know the stock wiring
harness is a little shaky...any issues with the higher wattage high beam?

>> I know the proper answer for my 200T lighting problem is Eurolamps,
>> but the budget committee won't allow that, and it's her car.
>A real bummer. ;-)

We choose to fight the battles that are winnable. Ever since she allowed me
to get my truck, I've been lying low, banking points...lord knows I went
into debt over the truck discussions :)

And you all may think I'm wacky for enjoying a lumbering, leaky, humongous,
slow, English truck...but I do! :) (at least the lights on it are proper
Hella H4s <g>)

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