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<Audi> HD rear brakes - 200tqw

This is my follow-up post describing my experiences with installing the
'heavy duty' rear brakes on my '90 200tqw (US version).  With this
information, anyone who wants should be able to do what I did.

First, let me thank the following q-listers for their help and information;
it wouldn't have been possible without them:

Paul Weston (WMSBrakes@aol.com) at Weston Motorsports
Chris Semple (Autobahn01@aol.com) at Autobahn Motors
Frank Bauer (frankbauer@thevine.net)
Linus Toy (linust@mindspring.com)

Bottom line - I did the upgrade; it works great.  There is some braking
improvement, but it is subtle.  It should be useful when I start towing
things.  Would I do it again?  Probably not; the cost/benefit ratio is way off.

Upgrade description - standard rear brakes on the 5k/100/200 (pre '91)
wagons are a solid rotor setup.  A factory upgrade was to a vented rotor
setup, variously described as a 'trailer towing' or 'heavy duty' rear brake
option.  These HD brakes were standard on the '91 200q (sedan & wagon) and
the '90 & up V8's.  It is a fairly serious upgrade; rotors go from solid
(10mm) to vented (20mm); disc diameter increases to 269mm from 245mm; and
the master cylinder and caliper cylinders are upgraded.

Parts required - all are Audi part #'s w/approx prices (US dollars):
447-611-021    Master cylinder (25.4 x 18/18); $200
447-615-423/4  Right/left calipers (43mm pistons); $135/rebuilt; $250/new
447-615-425-A  Caliper carriers (2 needed); $142/apiece (OUCH!)
441-615-611-A  Splash shields (2 needed); $25/apiece
447-615-601-A  Rotors (269mm/20mm); $64/apiece + $38/apiece for slotting 
(NOTE:  Brake pads, hoses, and emergency brake cables are the same.)

Total price: approx $1,000. Big sigh. However, if you skip upgrading the
master cylinder, found the caliper carriers used, found rebuilt/used
calipers, threw away the splash shields, and skipped the rotor slotting you
could do this for around $400 (*much* more reasonable).  I needed a new
master & calipers anyway, and kept using the "it's only a little more to do
it right" line.....

Hope this helps someone else...e-mail if you want any more info.....SLM

Steve Manning:	stephenm@ix.netcom.com (Metro D.C. area, USA)
....Mainly Mopars; also '88 90Q/'90 200tqw/'88 635csi; other stuff
......BMWCCA #93xxx, FCA, USCC, QCUSA, Wagons of Steel, etc.