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Re: ur-q antenna replacement?

At 10:52 AM 7/31/97 -0400, Harley Cascio wrote:
>I have tried amplified antennas in other cars and it just boosted the
>volume.  If I didn't get good recption in the first place, I didn't get it
>after the amplified antenna.  Does anyone know if this is a regular
>phenomenon, or did I buy a cheap antenna.  I also got it from Crutchfield.
>'87 5kCS QT

If you're using an aftermarket stereo system, or if the amplified antenna
isn't installed correctly, then yes, it's a common problem.

The antenna uses "Phantom Power" to the amplifier to work, and you need an
adaptor to get it to work -- no easy trick.  I recently (last weekend) had
an Eclipse CD player installed in my GTI, which has an amplified antenna.
I made certain that the stereo shop I used had the proper antenna adaptor
(they did) and the stereo gets great reception.

All of the information you nee can be found in the GTI VR6 archive located at:


There's also information about where to get the parts and the part numbers
(try antenna world -- http://www.antennaworld.com/ )


Bob Davis