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Re: ur-q antenna replacement?

> Unfortunately, the ur-q does not have the clearance WRT the spare tahr
> that the 4KQ has. This is why (I think) the ur-q does not have the
> power up/down antenna of the 4KQ and the 5KQs and has the little
> stubby like 18" mast and requires amplification and still works *very
> poorly*. A one-piece removable mast or a longer multi-piece mast with
> very short pieces might work OK. I'll letchah all know what I end up
> with and how it works (can't be worse than the OEM unit).

The antenna I got is not a power antenna.  It is an amplified
Fuba that has 4 sections, and is very short.  Minimal protusion
into the car, there is no reason it should not fit.  Try 
the guys at Antennaworld.

| Dan |