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A4$$$<vent> ..Electric Cars..BZZT!

>>>or nuke it and do I need to get into the problems with that

What problems that can't be easily solved when people stop the needless
BTW: I live 5 miles from a nuke plant..go ahead, joke about what it's done
to my
     brain..I can take it.

 >Also, part of the problem is the dealers. They ain't dealin'. Because
 >of the popularity, the so called discounts have shrunk. Some have come
 >up with $1500 'protection packages' and 'availability factors' above
 >the sticker!
>>>>>>I think that's dealerese for "what the traffic will bear."
......This is NOT a problem..this is capitalism at work...and as much as I
and moan about parts prices, the beauty here is that you can vote with your
feet and dollars.....I wouldn't have it any other way..consider the
The only problem here is that dealers are afraid to call it what it is.
margin on a popular item with some scarcity attached.  Supply and demand.
for particular cars is elastic, so the price meets the supply and demand
curve where
Audi would have put it in the first place if they could've predicted the
future.  After all,
who can deny Audi dealers (at least established ones) a little profit for
hanging in
there during those lean post 5000 60Minutes years?