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Re: Why They Should Have Built the Avus

>In a message dated 97-07-29 04:29:51 EDT, coolidge@tidalwave.net (George S
>Achorn III) writes:
><< Hi all, I was thinking. Audi should have built the Avus. Yes, I know it
> wasn't realistic. Even worse it would have been 911 competition. Still at
> $100K even with a tuned version of the V8 4.2L from the S8, it would have
> been a screamer, and what a car it was. Too bad. They should still do it
> though. What an image leader. It'd make the Viper look like yesterday's
> news. How about a private contractor to build the chassis, use S8
> mechanicals and S8 17" Avus rims. Okay I'll wake up now. >>
>Reality check.  Even when Audi toyed with the idea of building the AVUS, it
>was with a $1,000,000 price tag.  Pretty small market.
Yea, but didn't that price tag include the W12 engine?  If they put in
the V8 then the cost would come down, wouldn't it?

'course if they had a W12 in anything, I would probably have to turn to
a life of crime so I could drive one ;)