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re: buying a 91 tq

Heres what you should look for:
1) Pulsating 'UFO" Brakes- Check the brakes, if the shudder, the rotors have
to be replaced. a $1200 dollar job and you should adjust the selling price

2) check the steering rack, any leaks of pentosin, could mean that the rack
has to be replaced or the "bomb" is bad.

3) Do a compression check, and make sure they are all in factory spec.

4) Check the timing belt. at 100K, it should be replaced.

5) Check the suspension bushings and check the drive system when the car is
on the rack. Looseness or play could mean drivetrain problems.

BTW, I just bought a 91 200 Quattro 20 Valve Indigo Blue(Navy) with blue
leather interior with 92,000 miles. Also obtained the complete service
history from the owner.
I would also perform a title search once you get the VIN to see if it was
ever in an accident, or if there was flood or other damage to the vehicle.

Hope this helps.....Regards.....Wesley Lem