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Re: 1991 200 TQ vs. S4/S6

At 10:33 AM 7/30/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I have been looking at sedans and wagons lately and was curious about
>the differences between the 20V's, in particular the 1991 200TQ and the
>S4/S6.  I know that their was a body and interior change, and probably
>some suspension changes, but is the engine the same and in particular,
>can I make the same engine modifications, such as a new chip?  I noticed
>that the 1991 put out a claimed 217hp, where the S4 puts out 222hp.  It
>looks like I can save $5-10K by going with a 1991 200TQ.

biases:  i've got a '91 200q.  gimme an S4, and i'll give you my 200q :)

The engine is essentially the same, but the S4/S6 provides a few seconds of
overboost, hence the slightly higher hp (227, i think)--an aftermarket chip
will negate that advantage.  in fact, per Ned, the '91 200q has a more
direct (less convoluted) intake path, making it a better (than the S4/S6)
base for wild modifications.  the ignition system is different--five coils
in the S4/S6 vs. 1 coil & distributor in the 3B ('91 200q)--point to the

The '92 on body styles have much better ventilation systems (my dad has a
'92 100s) and the body is much quieter--tighter, torsionally more rigid.
Theoretically, that should allow them to soften the springs and maintain
handling (i doubt they did, but even the fwd 100s is quite impressive on
195/65-15 tires).  Speaking of which, the '92 S4 (don't know about later
cars) comes with 225/50-16 on 16x8 rims, the '91 200q comes with 215/60-15
on 15x7.5 rims (forged in both cases).  I seem to recall R&T tests showing
the S4 to be better balanced than the 200--51/49 f/r for the S4 but 59/41
f/r for the 200q.  again, points to the S4.  Oh yeah--you'll always find
conventional brakes ($100 rotors) on the S4, either UFOs ($700 rotors) or
conventionals on the '91 200q.

One more thought:  the S4 sheet metal is (i believe) unchanged from the
other '92-on 100 series, and the car was available for more years and in (i
think) larger quantities than the '91 200q.  the '91 200q has sheet metal
unique to that model, that year.  this is a double edge sword:  exlusivity
of the '91 200q  (but it still like a 5000) or perhaps better parts

my 2 pennies.
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