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Re: question on stock Audi 4ksq radio

Stott Hare wrote:

       Yeah, its hard to believe that anyone still runs these old 
     radios...However, I'm still looking for clues to a new problem.
     I have lost the backlighting to the LCD.  The radio still works, 
     and when not in direct light, I can barely make out the station 
     I'm tuned to.
       Does anyone know if there is a peanut bulb or some other 
     replaceable item that I can repair, or am I SOL?

For radios of the 1988 90q ilk, this subject was addressed extensively 
last Sep/Oct (+/-).  There is a Radio Shack 55mA flying lead bulb as 
well as a 60mA bipin bulb that will work.  They are tiny 12V bulbs; 
not too many choices at Radio Shack to confuse you.  Use shrink fit on 
the solder connections.  Best to cover the bulb with a miniature red 
or orange bootie to get the color right (as well as dim enough).  
There may be one already there.

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