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Audi is starting to become GM!!!

OK, I've been looking at the pics of the new Passat, and it is very close to
the lines of the new A6.  Very Very Close!  SO, are we going to see cookie
cutter cars like GM is known for?  I am not wild about the sharing of
platforms (sorry quantum owners), it only hurts the image that Audi has tried
so hard to get as a maker of DIFFERENT luxury sport sedans.  

Now VWs have Audi engines, Audi AWD systems....it's getting out of hand.  I
like VW just as much as the next Audi owner, but I think they have different
missions, and should remain different.  I have owned a GTI and Corrado, and
liked them both, BUT, they were very different from Audis, and I sold the
corrado to get a Coupe Quattro, I wanted a more mature sports car taht was
different fromt the VW (and so much better!).  Now i'm hearing about V8 and
V12 VWs?????  what's with that?  What is Ferdinand Pieche, the designer of
the most beautiful Quattro Turbo Coupe, thinking????  The Audi Image is at
it's highest ever for the past 2 years, WHY RUIN IT???  We all suffered
through the Unintended Acceleration failure, now we are beyond that and
taking steps backward.

Enough venting, carry on.

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