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RE: Steering Rack-- a new twist

Thanks for the replies to my post a few days ago about the front end of the 
coupe.  (I had been wondering if it was the rack giving my wandering and a 
very slight clunk).   

Well, it seems the clunk is getting more pronounced--when the car is running 
and stopped, and I go 9->3>->9 repeatedly, I can feel and hear the clunk in 
the wheel *as well as in the pedals*.  Foot on brake, hand on wheel, going 
back and forth, I had the simultaneous clunk in both foot and hand during 

Mounting bolts for rack to firewall are tight.  All other obvious components 
are intact, tight, dry.  Hmmm...any idears y'all?


Jonathan Monetti
86 CGT 91k