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RE: 1991 200 TQ vs. S4/S6

it is not true that the S4's higher bhp is due to overboost.

first of all, overboost does not work at those rpms, only
in the mid range.

secondly, audi does not quote numbers that include overboost.
the maximum torque figure is with just the 1.8 bars of normal
boost, not the 2.15 bars overboost.

i have seen a finnish audi brochure with the hp/torque curves
and the overboost is a completely different curve that peaks at
something like 280 lbft and rapidly joins back the regular
torque curve after something like 4500 rpms.  i think one of
our european posters also said the same thing.

of course, with ned around, none of these numbers mean very much...