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Re: Why They Should Have Built the Avus

In article <33E16C56.2A65@abraxis.com>,
Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com> wrote:
> -Advertising.  Audi has never been very good at advertising, but this is
> just rotten.  It seems to me that now that they are actually *selling*
> cars here, they could spend $10 or so on ads, but nooooo they won't
> spend a dime.  So who's heard of the A8?  I know quite a few people who
> don't even know what Audi is!

Actually, they've been pushing it regularly in the Wall Street
Journal.  Audi ads there, for both the A8 and A4, are much more
frequent than for the other marques.

Not that they're always very effective.  Recently they had a
full-page "heritage" ad featuring a 1935 Audi with its revolutionary
front-wheel-drive technology.  It would have been a brilliant ad for
anyone except not trying to differentiate themselves based on AWD...

Mostly Audi is doing the right things and the numbers back it up.
They just need to do these things more effectively.
['86 Coupe GT]