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RE: s2 ; s4; s6

>> S2..Coupe Quattro, circa 1991 or so.  Nice cars.

>Not entirely true.  The 20v turbo motor was stuffed in a 4 door 90Q and
>called the S2 as well.  See EC Jan. 1994 pg 108.

I think S2 was available (in one time or the other) in coupe, the 4 door,
and the Avant... The RS2 was available in both Avant and coupe -- although
the version I heard was Avant and 4-door.

>The S6 has electronic differential lock and the way cool 3 spoke wheel with 
>airbag.  S4's had the stock 4 spoke wheel because Audi couldn't figure out a 

Mmmm... Note quite. Only the 1995.5 S6 had EDL.

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