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Re: Audi gods strike/ graduates with Audis

Hi there Michael,

Equally sorry for the bandwidth but I consider it my role in life to
sympathise with other students owning Audis, I have an '85 80 sport, it cost
me 750 gbp in April to buy and since then I have spent, 900 gbp on parts for
it. I will list what has been done to my car, it -may- make you feel better.
The list goes like this, clutch, clutch release shaft, engine mounts, rear
brake cylinders, front brake lines, front left ball joint, two oil changes,
air filter, cam belt, two new tyres, new rear wheel bearings, numerous bulbs
and wipers etc and a thermostat cover seal and lower radiator hose yet to
fit. In fact thinking about it that is more than I thought, but then it
usually is. I soon learned to try and do as much as you can yourself to
avoid doubleing parts costs in labour and VAT. 

The only plus point is it is a great car, in the wet this morning with my
two new front tyres I have been sliding the front all over the place (yeah I
know but after spending 120 odd quid on new nct's I want to enjoy them a
bit). I love the car to bits and hope to keep it until the end of my Ph.d in
2000. I expect to be offered a horrendously well paid job then and will buy
a 20v quattro and fully equipped garage to maintain it, heck I may even buy
a sport quattro for the weekend. My expectations are usually not realised.
Don't worry about the money, all this is good for the soul. I have a 4500
gbp overdraft to emphasise the last point, maybe that is what is appeasing
the gods at the moment. Surely you don't feel right if a month goes by with
nothing needing doing?

Happy spending,


'85 80 sport

P.S. Am I correct in thinking these cars were'nt imported to the U.S.? If so
do any of the U.S. listers know what I am going on about? If not would they
like to know?