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Re: Brush Q

In a message dated 97-08-01 11:30:08 EDT, Dave Head writes:

 Having just BLOWN UP a 100 watt soldering gun immediately prior to forcibly
 dismantling a rectifier/brush assembly, it 'appears' the brushes have a
 pressed collar/rivet like device under the solder joint. Either that or the
 solder is something phenmenol, with a melt point in the stratospherics. Any
 BTW, the 'correct' Audi brushes are 049 903 515C, at $3.83 a set via my
 local ripoff Audi dealer... The entire rectifier assembly including brushes
 is an 068 903 803B, around 54.00.

You previuosly posted:

<<At the Florida line, the battery indicator came on - limped to Lake City.
Removed regulator/brush assembly - one brush ground to nearly nothing.
Replaced mit spare (heh, heh...).>>

So I assume that you replaced entire regulator/brush assembly on the road and
later attempted to replace the brushes on your old regulator/brush assembly,

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 179k+ (with regulator/brush pack from my '854kq)