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RE: 1991 200 TQ vs. S4/S6

linuz sez:

>One more thought:  the S4 sheet metal is (i believe) unchanged from the
>other '92-on 100 series, and the car was available for more years and in
>(i think) larger quantities than the '91 200q.  the '91 200q has sheet
>metal unique to that model, that year.  this is a double edge sword: 
>exlusivity of the '91 200q (but it still like a 5000) or perhaps better
>parts availability. 

the S4/S6 also has flared fenders in the same way that the 200TQ20V did.
don't remember how much flaring the rear has, but in my v8, even the
rear doors are flared, so they're not common with the 5K..

i didn't like the facelift that was made when they went from the S4 to
the S6.. the body colored bumpers made the front look too heavy.