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Re: Was: A4 Brakes Is: Chicken Coops-no Audi content

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 7/30/97 Linus Toy writes:
> <<...the infamous 'chicken coop' in Olympia!>>
> Why is it that fast and wonderful things seem to come from old chicken
> coops?! Here in the Santa Cruz area some of the fastest ocean racing
> monohulls (sailboats) in the world came from a chicken coop called Bill Lee
> Yachts (now called Santa Cruz Yachts). I gather this chicken coop is that of
> Ned Ritchie where some pretty damm quick quattros come from...hmmm. Sorry for
> the WOB but I thought this an interesting but strange parrallel.
> Mike Veglia
> 85 4ksq
> 79 UN-30 #3 "Wildflower"

Only thing to come out of my "chicken coop" is eggs ;-)

'91 200 20v tq
2x Aracana hens (lay green eggs)