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Wiring Diagrams.

Dear List,

If anyone can tell me a better reason for ALL my instruments and warning
lights to stop working than a short in the reversing light circuit I'd
appreciate it. I don't want to hear the whole loom needs replacing. The
wiring to the reversing lights / rear fog light by the boot strut is
virtually cut through and shorting all over the place.

I guess it probably got caught up when closing the boot sometime, it may be
worth checking this area on other 80/4k's

At the moment my car is sitting paralysed with a disconnected battery in
fear of a Payne family Coupe GT type of incident. My next plan is to check
the appropriate fuses and repair the damaged part of the loom but as this
is my first foray into the gloomy world of car electrics (I found where the
relays sit for the first time yesterday, is that ever typical?) I'd welcome
any advice.

Also, in the Haynes manual for the 80/coupe there is no wiring diagram for
the  80 sport, the diagram for the 80 cd is missing the extra
instrumentation on my car (oil temp, pressure and volt guages), the Coupe
diagram has these, do I use my initiative and guess the wiring in my car
from looking at both diagrams? I may ask an Audi dealer if they can let me
have a photocopy of the wiring diagram from the workshop manual as a last

Thanks in advance,

Graham "hoping I'm not the only one working today" Thackrah.