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ur-quattro wiring diagrams

I've just spent a happy few hours scanning the factory wiring diagrams.   As 
you can see, there are some strange inconsistencies in the numbering and dating 
scheme and it's sometimes quite difficult to work out exactly which set of 
diagrams is applicable to any particular car.  I feel genuine sympathy for the 
Bentley translators:
   URQ_59.ZIP      Digital Dashboard, LCD Combi, 1990
   URQ_58.ZIP      Electrically controlled and heated mirrors, 1990
   URQ_57.ZIP      Cruise Control
   URQ_56.ZIP      Electric Windows
   URQ_55.ZIP      Central Locking, 1990
   URQ_54.ZIP      Heated Seats
   URQ_53.ZIP      Rear Windscreen Wash/wipe
   URQ_52.ZIP      Running and Fog Lights (Norway)
   URQ_51.ZIP      Running and Fog Lights (Sweden)
   URQ_50.ZIP      Air Conditioning
   URQ_49.ZIP      Radio
   URQ_48.ZIP      ABS System with Accelerometer
   URQ_47.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1990  (21 pages!!!)
   URQ_46.ZIP      Radio, Switzerland, from December 1988
   URQ_45.ZIP      Radio, from December 1988
   URQ_44.ZIP      Air Conditioning
   URQ_43.ZIP      Cruise Control
   URQ_42.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1988, WX engine
   URQ_41.ZIP      Digital Dashboard, LCD Combi
   URQ_40.ZIP      Air Conditioning
   URQ_39.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1988, MB engine  (19 pages!!)
   URQ_38.ZIP      Air Conditioning, 5-cylinder injection, 2.2l 147kW
   URQ_37.ZIP      ABS System with Accelerometer
   URQ_36.ZIP      Radio
   URQ_35.ZIP      Running and Fog Lights (Norway)
   URQ_34.ZIP      Running and Fog Lights (Sweden)
   URQ_33.ZIP      Rear Windscreen Wash/wipe
   URQ_32.ZIP      ABS
   URQ_31.ZIP      Cruise Control
   URQ_30.ZIP      Fog Lights (Switzerland)
   URQ_29.ZIP      Fog Lights (other than Switzerland)
   URQ_28.ZIP      Electrically Controlled and Heated Mirrors
   URQ_27.ZIP      Central Locking
   URQ_26.ZIP      Electric Windows
   URQ_25.ZIP      Heated Seats
   URQ_24.ZIP      Electronic Dashboard
   URQ_23.ZIP      Autocheck System with Speech Synthesiser
   URQ_22.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1986  (15 pages!)
   URQ_21.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1984  (12 Pages)
   URQ_20.ZIP      Electronic Dashboard
   URQ_19.ZIP      Autocheck System with Speech Synthesiser
   URQ_18.ZIP      ABS
   URQ_17.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1985  (13 Pages)
   URQ_16.ZIP      Electronic Dashboard
   URQ_15.ZIP      Autocheck System with Speech Synthesiser
   URQ_14.ZIP      ABS
   URQ_13.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1983  (10 Pages)
   URQ_12.ZIP      Brake Lights - after 85 DA 901 742 with Autocheck
   URQ_11.ZIP      Brake Lights - after 85 DA 901 742 w/o  Autocheck
   URQ_10.ZIP      Rear Windscreen Wash/wipe
   URQ_09.ZIP      Autocheck System with Speech Synthesiser
   URQ_08.ZIP      Electronic Dashboard
   URQ_07.ZIP      Air Conditioning
   URQ_06.ZIP      Rear Windscreen Wash/wipe
   URQ_05.ZIP      Cruise Control
   URQ_04.ZIP      Electric Windows and Wing Mirrors
   URQ_03.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1982  (12 Pages)
   URQ_02.ZIP      Central Locking
   URQ_01.ZIP      Wiring Diagram, 1980/1  (8 Pages)

Note, also, how the complexity increased - from 8 pages in the Geneva cars to 
21 pages in the 20V.  The total size, zipped, is 17MB.  Unzipped, it's around 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club