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95 A6?

My parents are pondering the idea of getting a new car, so of course
they wanted an Audi (I've convinced them!  YES!), but when they got to
our local dealer, here's what they found: 1)brown 97 A4 2.8q, 1)red 97
A4 2.8q.  They don't want a red car, and would tolerate brown but it was
a little out of their price range.  So I was glancing around and found a
95 A6, non-quattro, with about 30K miles on it, For $20,000.  They can
afford this, but there are a few questions:
-Why is it so cheap?  Isn't blue book value around $25K?
-Are there any problems that we should watch out for?  The car is
advertised on Auto-by-Tel, which we assume to be a reasonable place, and
the car supposedly went through a huge inspection, but is there
something inherently wrong with these cars?  Recalls?
-Has anyone had experiences they'd like to share about Auto-By-Tel?