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Re: '98 A4 Waitlist

> I just dropped by a local Audi dealership yesteday (Toronto, Canada) 
> looking to do some serious shopping for the '98 2.8 A4.  Anyways, to my 
> surprise (shock) the dealer said that he had nothing available and I had 
> to order my car now in order to get delivery in Jan. '98!

For the 2.8?  I had my 97 1.8T in for an oil change last week and on
talking with one of the service reps, I was told there was a 120 day
wait for them.  I thought he meant the 1.8s, but it wouldn't surprise
me if it applies to the 2.8s too since the 30V engine is probably
driving sales.  So, delivery in January would be about right!