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89 200TQ mods

I am about to purchase a 89 200TQ (my second "Q", following a 88 90Q), and I
am very intrested in modifying the car, and other owners experience with
these types of mods.  Please feel free to email me direct if you don't want
to take up space on this group.  Comments on the below plans would be very
much appreciated!

Erik Addy  RAddy89150@aol.com

Tires-I am debating weather or not to move to a plus-1, 16" wheel for summer,
or just get a wider 15" wheel.  I a concerned with ride quatlity
(particularly with the suspention mods below) on Minnesotas heavily potholed
roads, and the greater possiblity of wheel/tire damage.

Suspension-Here every one seems to have a different opinion!  Given the nasty
roads, I am leaning towords Boge Turbo Gas Shocks (not to stiff) with H+R
springs (not to low).   Also, has anybody had experience with the Spax
ajustable shock/spring package?

Brakes- stainless steel lines, good fluid, good pads, and possibly drilled or
slotted.  Anybody have experience with drilled or slotted rotors for street

Engine- My first step for more power will be a "chip and boost" upgade from
like Ned Ritche or Total Audi Performance.  Anyone had a bad experience with
this type of mod?  Is the Ned Ritche chip worth all the extra money?

Lighting- As everyone knows, lighting on my Audis from this time period is
poor.  Anybody know of some Euro lights for my car?