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Re: A4 spring modifications

> Heyyy, don't make fun of a cheap and easy modification. I have done this on
> several cars back when that was all I could afford to do. It raises the
> spring rate and lowers the CG. As long as you don't go crazy and decrease
> your travel too much, it works well. I used to drain the oil out of my
> (various, RX4, RX3, RX7) Mazda shocks and replace it with heavier weight
> shock oil, shorten the springs and ,very successfully, go autocrossing! And
> no, the car wasn't constantly crashing into the bump stops.


How does cutting the top coil raise the spring rate? Are the top coils a
lower spring rate (progressive) on Audi stock suspension?
'91 200 20vtq
'86 4kq
P.S. Don't have to lower my '86 4kq. Gravity and time have done it for
me. :)