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DIY fuel distributor (Was: I shouldn't have tempted the Audi Gods)

In message <199704222111.WAA11617@richmond.premier.co.uk> Mike Walder writes:

>> Remember this is a metal-to-metal seal holding back a very low viscosity,
>> highly flammable liquid at around 100psi.  The official repair kit provides a
>> new bit of "metal sheet" with a special coating - even the experts like BR
>> Motorsport won't consider tackling this job.


> I didn't know that a "repair kit" is available for the fuel distributor, or
> I would have purchased such a kit before replacing the distributor.  Where
> could I get a replacement metal gasket for the fuel distributor?  This is
> one thing that I would definately change after a rebuild, like a head
> gasket, if I knew where to get it.  I torqued the bolts down quite hard,
> because I feared that the gasket might not hold.

OK - the "fuel distributor rebuild project" is up and running.  We have
found a source of the necessary components (no, we're not saying at
present because of some delicate negotiations going on behind the
scenes) and we've stripped and experimentally rebuilt a head.

Altogether we spent around seven hours on the problem yesterday,
using John Robinson's MB (an 0 438 100 153 head) and trying various
sealing compounds.  We _almost_ got a good seal at the end of the day,
and we've since received a small tip from another rebuilder that might
just yield success.

More when we know more - eventually, a full write-up will be posted.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: +44 385302803  Fax: +44 1536723021  CIS: 100012,1660