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GM vs VW+91 TQW Antennae

Hey gang, Yeah, why does my wagon have only one cable going to the radio
when the windscreen has a fine wire runni8ng through it like my V8?
Why oh why?

RE: GM vs Audi.

VW is trying to make a profit and make reasonably priced cars 
manufactured in a extremely expensive country-Germany.
They are maing moves for limited platforms to aid in material costs and 
for ease of service worldwide (fewer SKU numbers to house, etc.)
I do not disagree with their philiosophy as long as the quality is high,
styling interesting, and technology advances.
VW Brand has taken a big leap upwards witg the new PAssat as well as the 
upcoming Golf.
Skoda Octavia is a terrific car, something I would never believe could 
The new Seat's are better than ever. Asd good as anything made in 
The A4, well, is that a bad car?
The new A6 seems to be the best A6 ever (100/200 inclusive)
So what's the problem here?
Piech, go man go!
Jorge Inaki Lopez? Keep under the covers a little while longer.
PAul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 TQW
97 A4