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Credit as due...

Igor,  although I do appreciate being recognized for my suggestions,
particularly the ones which bear fruit... as usually it is the failures for
which I am recognized... I'm find I must decline this one because... I didn't
make it.  This is a particularly painful admission as the pursuit of large
martinis is one of my favorite avocations... particularly the cajun martini as
served at K-Paul's in New Orleans.

The suggestion to taste the '98 Sport Package could not have been mine as, save
their existance, I know nada about A4s.   I have no quarrel with the misdirected
complement, but the true originator of the suggestion may feel slighted... nay,
perhaps miffed, that his identity and expertise remain occulted.  

I expect that in the haste and excitement of the pre-journey activities my posts
to you became memory-entwined with those of the rightful originator... thus the

Here, then, is a doff of my virtual bowler to the unknown Audi-esta who so
clearly set Igor on the path to enlightenment, happiness and thrift!

Regards,  Gross Scruggs