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Scorpion pipes

I just heard one,

The other day I ran into Alan Tackman, he has a sweet S6 that he has been One
Lapping.  Since I last saw him he has gone to an RS2 turbo, TAP all metal IC,
BB$ RX 17" wheels (Borbets bent too much), different Hoppen chips for the RS2,
ditched the Bilsteins for Koni Sports turned up to full/kill/stun.  The car has
Hoppen springs also.

Very firm ride, too low for my taste.

About the Scorpion.  He ran it for a while but added a Borla muffler to the
system in addition to whatever is there.  Apparently not much he said.

On the highway he said it was fine w/o the Borla. Around town at lower engine
speeds he said it was annoying.  A low drone, booming sound.  Add the Borla and
it is fine.

>From the inside it is nice.  Definently louder than stock.  Sounds really good
from the outside as he pulled away.

Hoppen had said not to bother with an exhaust, the stock one is fine, you don't
need anything else.  Alan figured that with the six (is he kidding?) mufflers in
the stock system the Scorpion or anything with fewer must be better.  If nothing
else the sound is worth it.