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Re: Coupe exhaust

I have just replaced my exhaust, from the cat back, on my 81 coupe and
went for a midas one - $280 fitted with a nice tail pipe. I know a lot of
the "performance" listers will say this is crap but it has a lifetime
guarantee and sounds fine. I looked into the scorpian one too but $700-800
for an exhast on a car worth no more than $2000-3000 is rediculous. I went
too a drag race yesterday and visited the borla stall, they have loads of
mufflers you can buy, in carbon fibre if you want, with which you could
have a system made up with, this may be an idea for you but for a cheap
car with a 100hp engine, I couldnot be bothered. If you want more
performance, get some cylinder head work done with the $800.

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