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This '87 5kCSQ owner just dropped in to say HI!

Hi fella and follow Audinauts,

	Well, I've been off the list since April and doing my travelin' thing.
Spent some time in Japan; saw a few Audis,no Quattros. But, I did see many
Skyline GT-R's and GT-S's. I know, this is the Quattro list, but these things
are brutes and most of 'em had been touched by the aftermarket people. Can you
say 5" stainless exhausts??!! The first one I saw I thought it was some
obnoxious tip, but closer inspection showed that it ran all the way forward. I
saw two others with this treatment. In the basement parking of my hotel I also
found a Lancia Groupe B rally car one night; another brutish beast. But enough
of my car ogling in the Orient.

	How has development been going in the "Chip club for Audis"? And Paul,
any new developments in the Shrappnelknoben department? I think it's time to
add a "few" more ponies to the herd. The "Charlie spring" was a great
improvement, but it's gains have begun to feel quite normal after a year and a
half. So if someone could take a few minutes to let me know what's new I'd
appreciate it. I could search the archives, but the last time I tried that it
was inconclusive and took forever as many of us have different names for the
same thing.

	On a sad note, my brother, Walt, who got aa A4 1.8TQ back around the
beginning of the year has had many problems with it and absolutely no support
from the dealer. I guess his fuel gauge has never read above half full, or is
that half empty:-), he has not been able to insert a cassette into the radio
since it was new, and sometimes even thought he's in drive the car starts out
in 2cd or 3rd gear from lights and REALLY won't get out of its own way. After
seven months they finally replaced the ECU to cure the wrong gear problem and
after promising a new radio for the same seven months now claim that thay fixed
the old one by hitting the eject button. LIARS, that was the first thing I
tried the one time I saw the car and it did nothing. And three times now
they've claimed to have fixed the fuel gauge and every time the car still reads
only half a tank when topped off. So, unfortunately, the Audi experience has
been a cruel joke for Walt, and he's getting ready to envoke the "Lemon Law" on
this dealership, get his money back and buy another Prelude...boring:-( But
he's been driving them since their inception and never had the problems with
the cars or the dealers that he's had from Audi and this dealership. It's a
shame...I love my Quattro; it has had its querks that have been dealt with and
new ones appear from time to time, but hell, it's 10 years old.

	Well, this post has gotten too long; so if anything has happened in the
performance enhancing arena please let me know. I am still un$ub$cribed so
reply to my E-mail address. I hope all of you are well and enjoying the Summer.

						As always,
							 your friend,


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