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Re: weighted 4000q's?

At 02:03 AM 8/5/97 EDT, you wrote:
>Almighty infinite wisdom of the Q-list..... What is the 
>curb weight and the front/rear weight ratio of a 1986 4000q?
>Brendan Rudack
>Fenton, Michigan 
>'88 90q
>coil-overs, G60s, 63mm exhaust, 
>modified bumper....
>'87 5000tq 
>IA stage 2, ABT/Koni/Tokico's
>working on modified bumper...
Brendan .....My 1986 Audi sales glossy sez  curb weight is 2,824 lbs.

My Road & Track reprint on the 1984 Audi 4000 Q (dated March 1984)
indicates a weight distribution with driver of 60/40. Same reprint
indicates a curb weight of 2,820 lbs and a TESTED weight of 3,005 lbs with

So, the 1986 glossy sez 2,824 lbs and the 1984 R&T reprint sez the 1984 car
is 2,820 lbs, both curb weights.

Very similar. There is no data available to me about the weight
distribution of the 1986 car, but based on the 1984 R7T reprint and the
similarity of 1986 1nd 1984 curb weights, my best estimate of the 1986 car
weight distribution is 60/40 also. The cars aren't really that different.

So, that my best shot at answering your post. And I tell you where I got my

86 4kcsq