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Re: quattro-digest V4 #984

>Of course the '93 is the only S4/6 manufactured to date that will
>remain a classic.   Audi used carbon fiber in only a few of its 
>finest automobiles - the Sport Quattro, the '93 S4, and more recently,
>the A8.  All of the later S cars ('94+) were built of wood instead.
>However, the wooden Audis are quite solid machines.  I also own a
>'91 200Q, a woody which I love dearly!

Wood?  Really?!  Does this mean they float?  Hmm.. I wonder.. if I rigged a
propeller up to the motor, think I could convert it to an amphibious
vehicle and cross the Atlantic?  Or maybe some of those radical mudder
tires I've seen on some trucks would do the trick.. hey, this opens up all
kinds of possibilities!  ;)