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90CSQ Impressions (and a question)

I have had the '94 90CSQ for about a month now, and I must say I'm quite
pleased with it. For a pre-owned vehicle, its exceeded my expectations.

My wife and I drove out to upstate New York a couple weekends ago -- 5.5
hrs one way -- giving us a good opportunity to put the car through its
paces. It was a *lovely* ride (if not a little long :-). 'Nuf said.

Now a question. I hand washed the car over the weekend (which is why its
raining now. :-) I noticed as I was drying the inside of all the door
frames that all the inside door panels are loose at the bottom of the door.
I looked for obvious screw holes with missing screws but found none. Is
this normal constructions!? What can I do to secure better the panels to
the doors, hopefully without impeding future access to the inside of the

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