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RE: turbo coolant pump ('91 200Q)

>After a small investigation, I found the fuse for my turbo
>coolant pump was  blown. I had never heard the pump, which made
>me suspicious.

>I replaced the fuse, ran the car around for a while and came
>back, shut it  down and threw the hood up. I could hear what was
>definitely some fluid  moving around somewhere, assuming it was
>coolant and the pump was working.  My question is, should I be
>able to actually _hear_ the pump itself? Or is  the "coolant
>pumping around" sound the only way to determine it is working? 

When the coolant pump goes on (110 degrees C at the multi function switch, 97
degrees C resets), you will not really hear the coolant pump because the
radiator fan will also be operating. You will hear the fan over everything.

I find that my after run pump only works during the summer, and mostly only on
hot days. It operates for about 3-5 minutes, which is shorter than the fan use
to run on my old 87 5KSQ.

You can always check the motor by jumping 12 VDC to it and listen to it


Paul Waterloo
Riverside, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com