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RE: Another Q-Ship Victim

> Whoever was driving an 87 5kcstq (MI plates, 942NHP) back from Oshkosh   
> Saturday night would have gotten a big kick out of seeing the look on   
the the
> Lotus driver's face at the Rt 173 tollbooth on 294.  He was all set to   
blow by
> you at the gate, instead you squirted out of there like you shot out of   
> cannon.  Imagine how depressing it must be to have one's zillion dollar   
> car smoked by a 10 yr old 4 door sedan.  Very amusing.

[Dupree, Robert A.]  I was trying to remember what the order was of the   
numbers on the other '87 5000CS that was out there with me to try to find   
you!  Illinios plate B 54 632 or something like that.  Lots of fun   
cruising back with you; but I got a little carried away with that   
right-sided pass; but we did shut that annoying truck down...  Are you   
local down here?  We should go have a beer sometime!  Incidently I   
thought you were way ahead of me at the tollbooth, so I was trying to   
catch up with you!

Did that MI-plated 5KCSTQ have a stainless steel 4-ring tailpipe?   Bob,   
that you?  :-)
[Dupree, Robert A.]  Yup!  I thought for sure there was going to be a   
message about that cool muffler; but alas it came out a different way.   
 That Lotus drivers expression would have been nice to see.

Bob Dupree
 '87 5000CS Quattro (needs better brakes...now)