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Re: Another Q-Ship Victim

In a message dated 97-08-05 14:13:35 EDT,
McMurray_Michael@macmail1.cig.mot.com (McMurray Michael) writes:

<< Whoever was driving an 87 5kcstq (MI plates, 942NHP) back from Oshkosh on
 Saturday night would have gotten a big kick out of seeing the look on the
 Lotus driver's face at the Rt 173 tollbooth on 294.  He was all set to blow
 you at the gate, instead you squirted out of there like you shot out of a
 cannon.  Imagine how depressing it must be to have one's zillion dollar
 car smoked by a 10 yr old 4 door sedan.  Very amusing.
 mpm >>

Ah, yes.  That might be Mr. Dupree.  Alas, I have added a shot of his exhaust
(Graydon Stuckey's fabrication) to my web page.  Take a gander at:


Be forwarned, though, the images may take a while to download.

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 179k+ (on the way to Chicago tonight)